Kong Puzzlements Beaver Dog Toy


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Type: Toys


Say goodbye to doggy boredom with KONG Puzzlements Beaver Dog Toy. This interactive plush toy triples the fun with a challenging puzzle that offers multiple ways to play with varying levels of difficulty. Start with the entire animal inside the puzzle ball for the hardest challenge, or keep the arms and legs out for easy play. The added fun of crinkle noises and squeaks will engage their playful nature and keep even the cleverest dog entertained as they work to unravel the puzzle.

  • Provide the ultimate dog puzzle with varying degrees of challenge from easy to difficult, engaging even the cleverest of
  • 3-in-1 interactive puzzle toy that provides multiple ways to play while offering an occupying mental challenge
  • Playful plush beaver character with a squeaker for added fun
  • Varying levels of challenge from easy to difficult
  • Fun crinkle and squeaking noises keep pets engaged

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