Petstages Crunchcore Bone Chew Dog Toy



Type: Toys


This toy is made with a patented design that provides a crunchy, crackling layer surrounding a durable core. For hours of crisp fun, Crunchcore toys are the perfect solution for dogs that love crunching on water bottles, but become frustrated and lose interest when they collapse after chewing. The familiar and irresistible sound will keep your dog engaged, and this durable toy gives your pup all the fun without the danger! Unlike plastic water bottles, these toys were made for your pup to chew on, which means the tough center won't collapse as they chew, and the durable material is safe for your canine.

  • Now your pal can enjoy the awesome crunching sound of water bottles in a dog-safe toy they'll love!
  • Made with a patented design that includes a tough center surrounded by a crunchy, noisy outer layer—it's made deliberately so it doesn't collapse while your dog plays and chews.
  • Water bottles weren't designed for your pup's teeth, making the Crunchcore a great alternative that prioritizes your fur baby's safety.
  • The durable texture is made for crunching, tossing fun that prevents boredom and encourages healthy chewing habits!
  • The familiar and appealing sound will keep your dog energized and engaged during playtime.


Size Length Width Height
SMALL 4.2-in 1.8-in 1.3-in
MEDIUM 5.2-in 2-in 1.5-in
LARGE 6.3-in 2.3-in 1.8-in

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