Primal Frozen Grind Pork Formula Grain-Free Dog and Cat Food

Frozen or Refrigerated product!

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Type: Dog Food


Designed for pet owners who prefer to tailor their pets' individual supplemental needs, Primal Raw Frozen Grinds incorporate the highest quality meats with fresh ground bone with for optimum levels of calcium. Primal Grinds are produced to the same high standards as all Primal Pet Foods products, using only humanely sourced, ethically raised proteins.


    Pork Hearts, Pork Livers, Ground Pork Bones.


    Crude Protein (min) 16%
    Crude Fat (min) 6%
    Crude Fiber (max) 1%
    Moisture (max) 76%
    Ash (max) 1%

    Pork 100%
    Produce 0%
    Supplements 0%
    Organic Ingredients 0%
    Organ Meat 9%
    Bone Content 9%
    CA-to-P ratio 0.62:1

    Calories: 38 per oz.
    Carbohydrates: 0.7%

    Calcium 0.16 (%)
    Copper 3 (ppm)
    Iron 43 (ppm)
    Magnesium 0.02 (%)
    Manganese 1 (ppm)
    Phosphorus 0.26 (%)
    Potassium 0.24 (%)
    Sodium 0.07 (%)
    Zinc 23 (ppm)

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