TropiClean Stay Away Chew Deterrent Spray for Dogs and Cats, 8oz.


Type: Supplies


There's one sentence some pet pals just refuse to learn: "That's not a chew toy!" TropiClean Stay Away Chew Deterrent makes sure your dog or cat sticks to his own toys instead of gnawing on the sofa leg, plants, or even their own wounds. The chew deterrent is harmless, but it tastes so bad it can break bad habits and make sure pets listen to mom and dad when they're told not to chew.

Key Benefits
  • Powerful, yet completely safe and harmless for all pets
  • Discourages animals from ever wanting to chewy, bite, lick or gnaw on something coated with deterrent
  • Ultra-bitter taste keeps pets from chewing and breaks bad habits
  • Helps train pets to stay off furniture and protects them from poisonous plants
  • Protects plants, furniture, wounds from injury caused by pet’s chewing
Additional Details

HAZARDS TO HUMANS: Extremely bitter. Keep out of reach of children.


Purified water, organic blend of bitter extracts and BITRIX™.

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