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NutriSource is a third-generation family-owned company from Minnesota that has been producing pet food for five decades. The dog and cat food lines are manufactured in their own state-of-the-art Perham, Minnesota facility, ensuring top-notch quality control from the sourcing of ingredients to the packaging and shipping of their products. Everything is cooked at temperatures below 200 degrees to retain the most nutrients for your dog or cat. With more nutrients available, your pet needs less to eat.

NutriSource’s goal is to provide both short and long-term health benefits for your pets. You can trust them to use only the highest quality ingredients in their foods and treats. Their team has high standards beginning with the sourcing of raw ingredients from ethical producers (the majority from local USA suppliers), right through post production and testing.

NutriSource Pet Foods cover a wide variety of options for all life stages and breed sizes. The product line offers grain free options as well as single protein (Limited Ingredient Diets), and weight management options. Many common health problems such as digestive issues and food sensitivities are addressed with natural, science-backed solutions. In fact, NutriSource guarantees to solve digestive issues within the first few feedings!

On every package, you’ll notice the “Good 4 Life” slogan. This is NutriSource’s supplement system that focuses on promoting gut health, a strong immune system, healthy skin and coat, and brain function. For cats, this results in helping to pass hairballs without vomiting and making for a litter box with less ammonia and fecal odor.

When you purchase Nutrisource from Le Pup Pet Supplies & Grooming store, you’ll be enrolled in our Frequent Buyer Loyalty Program. After purchasing 12 bags of the same size NutriSource food, you’ll be rewarded with a free 13th bag!

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